The Moon Chair

Swivel Lounge Chair  

Designed  2002 – Produced by NIELAUS Aps, Denmark.
Upholstered in high quality 1,5 mm thick leather and hand fitted  buttons.
Base of laser cut polished stainless steel.
moon chair alfa steen ostergaard

Easy chair – ALFALUX                            2002

Alfa Omega Chairs,steen ostergaard sanja


Alfa3-3Easy Chair ALFA                                     2002


Won'Mark article

Let me introduce you to one of my absolute all time favorite armchairs! Alfa Lux is a one of a kind masterpiece loung chair with a phenomenal design, which brings reminiscent of the 60s organic and round shapes. The exclusive design is achieved through a beautiful combination of a molded hard shell, comfy seat and backrest cushion in a variety of high quality fabrics or leather, and the base and suspended hanger in laser cut polished stainless steel.

The Alfa Lux chair from the Danish company Nielaus Furniture is just so god damn stunning beautiful and a mixture between an eye catching furniture and a work of art! In use the chair gives a unique floating experience, not in use Alfa Lux almost look like a sculpture.

It is the renowned and award-winning Danish designer, cabinetmaker and architect Steen Østergaard (Ostergaard) who is the mastermind behind this spectacular 360 degrees swivel Alfa Lux chair – also called the Moon chair. It was first introduced back in 2002, and has since been an icon and on my top 10 list of delightful designer armchairs.

Alfa Lux is available in wide variety of colors and can be purchased with upholstery in fabric or leather. The range of fabrics consisting of these high-quality brands: Kvadrat, Gabriel and the Greenlandic wool Savak (click on the brand names for additional information). If Alfa Lux is ordered with leather upholstery it comes with 1.5 mm thick genuine leather from Nielaus’ own leather production.

The Alfa Lux chair is for all design enthusiasts around the world who appreciate beautiful furniture design, either in the home or office. It’s handmade Danish design at its best, and Alfa Lux deserves great honor and glory!!!

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