Dining Chair and Table
-Future Furniture

Designed 1965 and handmade by Steen Ostergaard at the workshop of cabinet maker Søren Horn, Copenhagen Denmark.
Produced in laminated rosewood with upholstered seat and back. The flexibility of the legs makes it elastic and comfortable.
Selected by the Danish Cabinetmakers Guilt to represent the ” FURNITURE OF THE FUTURE” and exhibited in the Danish Museum of Art & Design, Copenhagen, Denmark.

steen design Snedkerlauget 001 (2)

Yes it is really Steen Ostergaard, in 1965.

steen design Snedkerlauget 003

steen design Snedkerlauget 004

my line chair

Prestige Recliner

Designed 1991 for DREAM SEAT, Denmark.

The chairs are with synchronic movement of back and footrest – always in balance
without using breaks, handles or gascylinders.
It is only necessary to lift the legs and lean backwards, then the chair moves itself
to the wanted position.

Perfect chair for home cinema.

Steen design Recliner 009b

Steen design Recliner 009c