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bo bedre Den skæve stol med den store historie

Fra Museum of Modern Art til munkekloster i Italien. Steen Østergaards smukke Modo 290-stol har en historie, der er lidt anderledes end de fleste

16. marts 2015 af Lasse Schelbeck

I mere end 50 år har Steen Østergaard været med til at sætte sit præg på den danske møbelindustri med sine markante arkitekttegnede løsninger. Men særligt en af hans produkter har været i spotlightet. Den er blevet udstillet på Museum og Modern Art i New York, som en hyldest til det moderne design, NASA tog den ind som kontorstol i sit hovedkvarter, den er blevet brugt i flere sci-fi film fra 60’erne og 70’erne grundet sit futuristiske design og et munkekloster i Italien tog den ind, da den med sit asketiske og æstetiske udtryk passede meget fint til klosterets visuelle identitet.

Der er tale om stolen Modo 290. En skalstol formstøbt i et stykke og med et design, der selv den dag i dag emmer af futurisme og rene, designmæssige linjer. At Steen Østergaard i 1960’erne kunne designe en stol, der stadig den dag i dag er relevant giver dog ganske god mening hans baggrund og karriere taget i betragtning.

En karriere, der startede med en uddannelse som møbelsnedker i 1957, har Steen Østergaard blandt andet arbejdet sammen med Finn Juhl, vundet utallige priser og skabt sit eget designfirma, hvor han har videreført de designtanker, der ligger til grund for Modo 290.

Siden 2013 har den danske møbelproducent Nielaus arbejdet sammen med Steen Østergaard om at fremstille og markedsføre hans enestående møbeldesigns helt tro mod møbelarkitektens oprindelige idéer, og det er netop Nielaus, der i dag står for fremstillingen af de meget fine Modo 290-stole.

Steen Ostergaard



steen_and_inaBorn: 21.12.1935 DENMARK
Address: Nice, France

Spouse: Ina Buchhave Ostergaard, Interior Architect – Redacteur
Children: Sanja – Research & Innovation Design Manager
Tim – Operating Manager DK, GB

Educated Cabinetmaker and Imagery Carver – Bronze Medal 1957.
Graduated from the SCHOOL of ARTS & CRAFTS, Copenhagen, Denmark 1960, with certificate – Highest Marks.
Officer in the Royal Danish Army 1960-1962.

Own Design offices in Denmark, respectively England, Germany and France.
Main activities – Furniture design – Industrial Design – Professional product development.
Designer and inventor of worlds first chair injectionmoulded in one piece.
Developer and designer of the first Action Recliner furniture with built-in footrest.
Worked for the famous Danish furniture architect Finn Juhl 1962-1966.
Chief designer and developer for architect Poul Cadovius, Cado, France & Son and Abstracta 1970-1975.
Manager in Wiltax – the largest factory of carpets in Denmark 1978-1981.
Planed the collection and designs of carpet patterns and construction of tufted carpets.

Awards & Prizes:
1st prize 1960 at the International Furniture Competition, designs for the Danish Upholstery Guild, on the occasion of their 500 years Jubilee.
The Museum of Art and Design, Copenhagen, Denmark.
1st prize at the International Furniture Competition, Cantu, Italy 1963.
Awarded by the Danish Cabinetmakers Guild 1964 and 1965.
Selected by The Danish Cabinetmakers Guilt to represent the
Highest bursary from Johs. Kroiers Fond, Denmark, 1966.
Scholarship at the Cloister San Cataldo, Amalfi, Italy 1966.
Assigned the “POLY AWARD OF MERIT”, from the Society of Plastic Industry, USA 1984.
1st prize – certificate of Achievement – “MOST INNOVATIVE USE OF KD HARDWARE”, KDesign, New York, USA 1984.1st prize – Certificate of Achievement – “BEST KD MERCHANDISING PROGRAM”, KDesign, New York, USA 1984.

Odd Fellow Palace, Copenhagen, Denmark 1960.
Gallery d’Arte, Cantu, Italy 1963.
Museum of Arts and Crafts, Copenhagen, Denmark 1962,1964,1965.
Art Center, Eriksholm, Copenhagen, Denmark 1965.
Milano, Italy 1971.
Technical Museum, Munich, Germany 1972.
Heals, London, Great Britain 1973.
La Boutique Danoise, Paris, France 1973.
Museum of Modern Art, New York, USA 1974.
Den Permanente, Copenhagen, Denmark 1979.
Christianshus, Copenhagen, Denmark 1968-1980.
Bella Center, Copenhagen, Denmark 1981-2008.
Cologne, Germany 1970-2010 .

Steen_1969Steen Østergaard 1969

Steen Østergaard was born in Denmark 1935.
After his schooling he apprenticed as Cabinetmaker and Imagery Carver.
He started his education as furniture architect at the famous School of Arts & Crafts in Copenhagen, Denmark in 1957 and obtained certificate with honour and highest degree.
Already before SO finished his education he won the 1st prize for his furniture design in the international competition, on the occasion of the 500-years Jubilee of the Danish Upholstery Guild in Denmark, presented at the ‘Kunstindustri’ museum, The famous Museum of Arts and Design, Copenhagen Denmark.
SO has always been in advance of his time, already as 5-years old he constructed and build his own models of air-planes.
In 1965 he was selected: “The designer” of “THE FURNITURE OF THE FUTURE” – which manifest its self, as today, 75 years of age, his designs are still highly popular and he is up-to-date with his latest models of furniture ‘Alfa Lux’ and ‘Omega’ produced by Nielaus ApS, Denmark.
His classic A-series 290 & 265 of plastic (poly-amide) furniture from the sixties, are today in great demand worldwide at the International Auctions of Art.
SO constructed and designed the first plastic chair, injection-moulded in one piece in 1966, at a cycle time of only 132 seconds.
Today the chairs are represented in private homes as well as restaurants, churches, cloisters, the Nuclear Power-station, Basebäch in Sweden and the most feared prison Saint Quentin in USA.
The lounge chairs are in the rocket base in Houston, Texas, where they are moulded specially sealed to the floor, so under launching of rockets, they will not move.
In 1981 he constructed and designed the first “Action Recliner” chair with built-in footrest, since copied all over the world.
For SO is it of great importance to combine aesthetic designs with the human anatomy, so you are always ergonomic and comfortable seated in his furniture.
He is a perfectionist and never stops before having solved all kinds of technical problems.
As a hand-worker he often makes the prototypes of the products himself and he has solved many obstructions for the furniture industry, including furniture for elderly and disabled people.
Among other things he is the architect and Industrial designer of Garden grills, The Ship, Coffee dispensers, Electrical tools, Vacuum cleaners, Lawn movers, Whistling kettles, etc.
In 1986 the family moved to Oxford, England and later on to Flensburg, Germany. Now he lives in South of France, where he is still active as designer, and always has new ideas on the drawing board -he still spend most of his spare time skiing, playing tennis and especially working in the beautiful gardens he also creates.

The Ostergaard Design team, November 2010


A-Line Dining chair

Designed 1966 for CADO, Denmark.

Produced in fiberglass reinforced Polyamide (nylon), indoor / outdoor by NIELAUS 2012.

The first chair in the world  injection moulded in one piece.

Production time 132 second.

Stack- and transportable on caddies, can be coupled together for meeting- and lecture rooms indoor as well as outdoor.

The chair is through colored and antistatic.

Exhibited in fx. Museum of Modern Art, New York, Technical Museum, Munich, Germany, and several museums in the world.

Assigned the POLY AWARD OF MERIT from The Society of Plastics Industry.  

Selected for jails in USA – reasons  easy to clean and no legs to be used as weapons.

Selected for a convent Cloister in South Italy – reasons ascetic, esthetic and comfortable.

Also employed at the New Clear Plants in Sweden and a church in Mauritius, as well as countless restaurants, cafeterias and private homes worldwide.

Relaunched in 2012. See brochure (PDF)

Dining chair 290, 1966.

Armchair 291,1969


290 dining chair 290dc colourline


Click below for 3D interactive view:


The Moon Chair

Swivel Lounge Chair  

Designed  2002 – Produced by NIELAUS Aps, Denmark.
Upholstered in high quality 1,5 mm thick leather and hand fitted  buttons.
Base of laser cut polished stainless steel.
moon chair alfa steen ostergaard

Easy chair – ALFALUX                            2002

Alfa Omega Chairs,steen ostergaard sanja


Alfa3-3Easy Chair ALFA                                     2002


Won'Mark article

Let me introduce you to one of my absolute all time favorite armchairs! Alfa Lux is a one of a kind masterpiece loung chair with a phenomenal design, which brings reminiscent of the 60s organic and round shapes. The exclusive design is achieved through a beautiful combination of a molded hard shell, comfy seat and backrest cushion in a variety of high quality fabrics or leather, and the base and suspended hanger in laser cut polished stainless steel.

The Alfa Lux chair from the Danish company Nielaus Furniture is just so god damn stunning beautiful and a mixture between an eye catching furniture and a work of art! In use the chair gives a unique floating experience, not in use Alfa Lux almost look like a sculpture.

It is the renowned and award-winning Danish designer, cabinetmaker and architect Steen Østergaard (Ostergaard) who is the mastermind behind this spectacular 360 degrees swivel Alfa Lux chair – also called the Moon chair. It was first introduced back in 2002, and has since been an icon and on my top 10 list of delightful designer armchairs.

Alfa Lux is available in wide variety of colors and can be purchased with upholstery in fabric or leather. The range of fabrics consisting of these high-quality brands: Kvadrat, Gabriel and the Greenlandic wool Savak (click on the brand names for additional information). If Alfa Lux is ordered with leather upholstery it comes with 1.5 mm thick genuine leather from Nielaus’ own leather production.

The Alfa Lux chair is for all design enthusiasts around the world who appreciate beautiful furniture design, either in the home or office. It’s handmade Danish design at its best, and Alfa Lux deserves great honor and glory!!!

Link to Won’Mark article


Recliner Lounge Chair

Designed in 2011,
using the Body-Balance system which was invented in 1988 by Steen Ostergaard.
Fly away…
This Lounge chair makes your dreams of floating design and great comfort come true.
The ideal Home-Cinema lounge chair.
This design is unique with the function of the foot part. The Benefit from this is more space in the room compared to a free standing footrest.
It is based on a steel frame with springs covered with moulded polyurethane foam. The design in Stainless brushed steel makes the chair very special.
The Reclining system operates as follows: When sitting in the chair – place your hands on the armrest, lean back at the same time as you lift your feet. You can stop in any reclining position using the brake system, handle at the right side.

Facts and options:
Cover available in Leather or Micro fiber fabric, many colors options.
Adjustable in any position, with your own weight you can stop in any reclining position.
Adjustable headrest
Base in solid Stainless brushed steel
Swivel 360 degree
Optional lumber cushion.

Height: 106cm
Width: 77cm
Depth: 93cm -total Reclined: 167cm
Seat height: 44,5cm
Weight: 40kg


comet 1comet 2 comet 4comet 5

Recliner Lounge Chair, steen ostergaard sanja

A-Line The President lounge chair

The President Lounge chair was designed in 1968 for CADO, Denmark. It is produced in fiberglass reinforced Poly-amide (Nylon) at Krauss Maffei, Munich, Germany.
Adjustable step less  neck-rest, also available with upholstered armrests.
Upholstery piped polyester mounted on fiberglass shell in stretch fabric.
The chair is anti-static, full depth colored and can not delaminate.
Produced in 6 colors: Red, white, blue, green, brown and beige and the upholstery in many more colors.
Casted in the biggest injection mould in the world when it became published at the Furniture Fair in Copenhagen , Denmark.
The Foot Stool is moulded in two identical half parts screwed together and hereby reducing the mould costs.
Produced in the same colors and materials as the Lounge Chair.
This chair is part of the collection: The A-Line
The President Lounge chair figures in many books, magazines and even movies.

A-line president lounge chair


Steel Line

The classic Steel-Line furniture, in production again since 2011.

Lounge chair -STEEL-LINE – with or with out armrests.

Designed in 1968, Produced by Terrexart, Copenhagen, Denmark.
 CHAIR – Frame of chromium plated spring steel with aniline leather down filled cushions.
The chairs can be assembled as sofa groups with a locking device.
SALOON CHAIR – frame of chromium plated spring steel and covered with 3mm thick leather on front and back.
LOUNGE STOOL – frame of chromium plated spring steel and with leather down filled cushions, produced in two identical half parts assembled without tools.
DRAFT – STEEL-LINE – 3 legged dining chair with armrests and upholstered leather seat. Frame made in chromium plated spring steel.
Lounge table -STEEL-LINE – squared or rectangular of chrome plated steel profiles and tabletops with edge-polished  clear 15mm glass or marble.
The 2011 version is produced by  JV HOLDING and named TANGO and the cushions are cold foam filled.
steel line1300
steel line4300
Lounge chair details                             1968
steel-line red
steel-line light blue