Bus Stop

The waiting shelter designed 1971 for Abstracta, Denmark.

Produced in one piece in fiberglass reinforced Polyester.
Color –  white shell and green bench.

Socket of concrete connected to the shelter to be placed directly
on plain soil/sand.

Peepholes in unbreakable glass – for watching buses arriving !
Placed along the roads in Denmark.

bus shelter ostergaard

Garden Grill

Designed in 1964 for TASSO a/s, Denmark.
-today by TRIP-TRAP, Denmark.
Diameter 65 cm.
The open garden fireplace is produced in two parts in cast iron.
The socket is an ashtray and gives the necessary ventilation from below.
Easy to move and take apart with the built-in handles, and easy to empty for ashes.
still in production.(link)
garden grillolympia barbecue

Play Ship


Designed 1975 for Dansk Lysreklame, Denmark.

Produced in polyethylene in blue and red.
110 x 70 x 20 cm.

Can be stacked to protect sand etc.
Knock proof – splint safe – weather resistant.

Play Ship,steen ostergaard sanja