A-line Armchair 291

Indoor / outdoor chair with removable upholstery seat.

Designed 1969 for CADO, Denmark.

Produced in fiberglass reinforced Polyamide (nylon).

Injection moulded in one single operation.

Elegant and comfortable dining chair.

Removable upholstery seat cushion of polyether on laminated beech.

Also available with firm polyether upholstery on seat and back.

Tested at BASF, Ludwigshafen, Germany to resist a vertical load of 500 Kg.

The chairs have a silky gloss, are antistatic, full-depth colored and cannot delaminate. 

Produced in 6 colors red, white, blue, green, braun and beige.

Exhibited first time in 1970 at Christianshus, for the Danish Furniture Faire in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Armchair 291, steen ostergaard sanja

Steen design 291 primery 003

291 armchair steen ostergaard

Below the chair 291 featured in the James Bond movie : “The spy who loved me” 1977

291 armchair featured in James Bond movie "The Spy Who Loved Me"

Movies and videos

a hologram for the king movie

A trimmed 290 chair designed by Steen Ostergaard featured in the movie: “A Hologram for the King” from 2016 with Tom Hanks!

the fith estate movie

“The Fifth Estate” is a 2013 American-British-Belgian thriller about the news-leaking website WikiLeaks, starring: Benedict Cumberbatch and Daniel Bruehl

The 290 injection molded chair, designed by Steen Ostergaard , was used in the movie: Star Trek lll: The Search for Spock, as a furnishing for the observation lounge at Earth Spacedock, a lounge with a large window To enable people to watch the space ships coming and going
The scene occurs In the films from 1984 and also 1991
The space dock turns up in 3 Star Trek movies
In the Movie it is the year 2257

Above video, the 265 lounge chair featuring in Star Trek III, Setting: Captain Kirk’s apartment in San Francisco, 23rd century. Captain Kirk is collecting best antique furniture from 20th century which include: The President chair 265 designed by Steen Ostergaard in 1968.

The 291 armchair featuring in the 7/7/77 the James Bond movie The Spy Who loved me premiered. Starring Roger Moore as 007, Barbara Bach as XXX agent and Bond Girl, Richard Kiel as Jaws and Curd Jurgens as the megalomaniac villain, Stromberg. The huge tanker Liparus used as the villains Head quarter and command center is fitted with the 291 chair designed by Danish designer Steen Ostergaard. The armchair was designed in 1969 in fiberglass reinforced Polyamide and is injection molded and is tested to resist a 500kg vertical load. see www.ostergaard-design.com for more details and designs. Nobody does it Better. Ken Adam and Peter Lamont were nominated for an Oscar for the set, also known as 007 Pinewood Studio. Nice movie props.

The biggest Danish Catering company: Kokken og Jomfruen has redecorated their big space using the 290 Nielaus chair Designed by Steen Ostergaard