Swivel Electrical Recliner

Swivel Electrical Recliner – with built-in footrest.

Designed 1988 for DREAM SEAT, Denmark.
The chairs are with synchronic movement of back and footrest, always in balance without using breaks, handles or gas cylinders.
It is only necessary to lift the legs  and lean backwards and the chair moves itself to the wanted position.
The Principe is developed and constructed by Steen Ostergaard and patented worldwide.
Upholstery leather or fabrics in many different designs with closed or open arms.
Base in laminated wood, Stainless steel or Polyurethane in different colors suited to the leather colors.

EL-Swivel Recliner –  360 º   Pioneer.

Designed 1998 for Nielaus ApS, Denmark.
Possible to adjust in all position with a remote control.
Separately adjustable back and footstool,
and inflatable lumbar support cushion.
The Principe is developed and constructed by Steen Ostergaard and patented.
Upholstery leather and base in stainless steel.



Recliner-el_2træ el

Inter-X Office Chairs

Designed  1981-82 for Inter-X, Denmark.

Swivel desk chairs.
Chiefs high back chair, conference chair and visitors chair, with tree different arm designs –
open, fully upholstered or with wooden arm.

Polished chrome bases supplied with swivel, lockable tilt and gas lift adjustment.
Can be supplied, with glides or memory swivel return.

Inter-X_office_chair_2Steen design Inter-X

inter X office chair