Tangent Sofa A-Line

Module sofa and chairs.

Designed in 1970 for CADO, Denmark

The furniture consists simply of three units.
The base modules are produced in white vacuum-formed ABS.
Each module is 20 cm wide and connected together with screws.

The seat and back cushions are of identical size and slot into the base modules.
The third module is a larger armrest cushion.

These units are easy to sample and can be joined together to any desired length and  fit all size of rooms.
Usable interior as well as exterior.

Tangent module_sofa_sideModule sofa                                            1970

Tangent_module_chairModule easy chair                                 1970

Jason Lounge Chair and Sofa

Designed in 1961 for Jason Furniture AS, Denmark.
Produced in light wooden frame, option of three different wood types: Oak, Beech or Rosewood.
Upholstery options, fabric or leather with loose cushion on seat.
First time exhibited in 1965 Eriksholm Castle in Humlebaek in Denmark, where 7 young designers were invited to exhibit together:
Mary Block
Lehmann Hansen
Bodil Kjær
Inger Klingenberg
Ross Littell  
Jens Nielsen and
Steen Østergaard
Jason sofa 3 seater Steen Ostergaard
Jason chair Steen Ostergaard

Sofa recliner

Reclining 3-seater sofa.

Designed 1983 for Bramin A/S, Denmark.
– to match the Action Recliner chair.

The sofa reclines when pressing the back, so the seat slides forwards,
and the head rest automatically turn to upright position, to support a tremendous relaxing sitting position.
Upholstery leather and frame of steel tubes.

Inter X sofa

Exclusive lether furniture for chief offices.

Module Sofa designed for Inter -X, Denmark.

Modular upholstery range can be assembled to form chairs, two-, three- or four seater sofas or
corner-units to suit individual requirements.
All materials used in seats and back are non flammable.

Module sofa INTER-X 1981


inter X sofa