A-Line Table Number One

Now in production at Nielaus 2013

Can be extended for 12 persons.
Designed 1968 for CADO, Denmark.
Diameter 140 cm – can be extended to 200 cm or 260 cm with two extension leaves.

Constructed in two identical half parts, coupled with extension rails witch make it possible for 12 persons to dine comfortable without collide with any table legs.
The table is usable both indoor and outdoor.
The table top is produced in spraying a topcoat into the mould and then filling the mould with hard foam (Polyurethane).
The Socket is produced in lacked cast aluminum.

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6 ok

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A-Line Column Table

Designed 1974 for the house in Provence.
With 6 extension shelves which can be stored as a sculpture ex. on the wall.

Diameter 130 / 190 cm.  Fore 6 to 10 persons.
The table is designed for  injection moulding in fiberglass reinforced plastic.

The tabletop and the base are connected with a column of steel and
connected together without any tools.

The extension shelves in the same materials can be snapped on also without tools.


column table

Alfa Omega Coffee Table

High coffee table – OMEGA 2                 2004

Omega coffee table
Base of laser cut polished stainless steel in
Two identical parts. Table top and shelves
produced in hardened glass in different dimensions:
Diameter 120cm, 100cm, 65cm. All to be assembled without tools.


Low coffee table – OMEGA 1                  2004

omega coffe table


Dining Chair and Table
-Future Furniture

Designed 1965 and handmade by Steen Ostergaard at the workshop of cabinet maker Søren Horn, Copenhagen Denmark.
Produced in laminated rosewood with upholstered seat and back. The flexibility of the legs makes it elastic and comfortable.
Selected by the Danish Cabinetmakers Guilt to represent the ” FURNITURE OF THE FUTURE” and exhibited in the Danish Museum of Art & Design, Copenhagen, Denmark.

steen design Snedkerlauget 001 (2)

Yes it is really Steen Ostergaard, in 1965.

steen design Snedkerlauget 003

steen design Snedkerlauget 004

my line chair

Cafeteria Furniture Reva

Stackable chairs for restaurants, cafeterias, canteens etc.

Designed 1983 for REVA, Denmark.
Commissioned work for closed Rehabilitation Centers in Denmark.
A simple construction to be produced by disadvantaged persons
in protected workshops.
Materials in bent 30mm steel pipe with back of varnished wood
and upholstered seat.

reva cafetaria furniture